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Pastítsio $ 9.99*
Layers of macaroni and seasoned ground beef baked in Greek white sauce

Moussaká 9.49/9.99*
Layers of eggplant, potatoes and seasoned ground beef in Greek white sauce

1/2 Athenian Chicken 9.49*
1/ 2 broiled chicken with Greek herbs and lemon seasoning

Combination Plate 12.59*
Pastítsio, Spanakópita, Dolmáthes and Gyro meat

Dolmáthes (veggie / meat) 8.50/ 9.00*
Grape leaves wrapped around seasoned rice only or with ground beef

Spanakópita 9.59*
Mixture of spinach and féta cheese in fílo dough

Lamb Shank 13.99
Braised lamb with rice pilaf

Veggie Plate 9.29
Veggie Dolmathes, Spanakópita and Greek Salad

Stuffed Pepper(veggie/meat) 8.79/9.299
Stuffed with seasoned rice or with ground beef

* Above entrées include potatoes or Spanakórizo and pita bread.

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